Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Wargamers guide to hunting a Cad, Bounder or other Miscreant, and how to cease their flouting of the sacred rules of ‘The Game’

This blog is the result of several years research into the dastardly art of cheating at wargames, whereupon I have delved into the sewers of sportsmanship and dragged many of my friends, opponents, acquaintances and enemies with me by dint of bribing them with beer and other consumables in return for their stories, anecdotes, descriptions and torrid tales of blood on the battlemat.

Cheating in any form is deplorable, but unfortunately those despicable types who are prone to cheat their way through games will, (as with anyone who gets a lot of practice in at something) become quite good at it. The following pages are an attempt to redress that balance, to teach those of us who would never consider weighting a dice or stretching a measure more information on how an outlaw opponent may be trying to put one over on them in order to teach them how to spot, and stop, these tricks.

I will also add that although the vast majority of players you will meet in competitive events will be fun, honest, enthusiastic gamers like yourselves and you will usually play through your games without any foul play rearing its ugly head, from my own experience (and from the majority of the tales I have had related to me) it is in these environments that we most regularly find those players who rely on despicable dice, circumspect cards, malicious measuring, and undefinable unpleasantness to raise themselves above more honest folk.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say, so prepare to follow me into the turgid mire I have so far explored, and if you have any sorry stories of your own that I have not yet related,(or solutions to problems i have not considered) please let me know that we may expose them to the light of our unrelenting glare and tutting disapproval

(I will find or create pictures within the individual pages at some point…)

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